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NSD POWER US is dedicated in performance innovations. Since 2011, it has introduced the patented NSD Spinner, the gyroscopic exerciser for hand, wrist and forearm in the United States. So far the company has sold more than 200,000 pieces of NSD Spinners and has helped many ATHLETES, TRAINERS, and RSI SUFFERERS. In the process, NSD has raised the bar of durability and functionality, and its inventions now serve the industries of Health, Fitness, and Sports. 


In 2017, NSD launches an innovated device called NSD Swim to serve and help swimmers become a PRO. The latest innovation is a precision Swim Training Aid. It works with users smart phones displaying real-time data to Log, Track and Analyze various factors of swimmers performance based on their weight and height. NSD Swim also features: 

   •   Performs stationary resistance training

   •   Turns any small backyard pool into an endless pool

   •   Counts strokes, Swolf score, and calories

   •   Displays time/distance/distance per stroke/average speed/pace 

   •   Provides video footage with play-by-play statistics

   •   Offers a Day Log, Training, Challenge and Analysis - 4 Modes

   •   Verbally reminds swimmers of their remaining distance


 With this new invention, all swimmers may have a private swim coach in the convenience of their home!

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