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iPhone Users: Search and download "NSD Swimmer" through App Store 

Android Phone Users: Search and download "NSD Swimmer" through Google Play 


Tap the three parallel horizontal lines icon at the top left of the screen to display Settings. Tap the portrait icon to take a picture of swimmer. Under My Info, input Gender, Height and Weight as shown in Figure 1 and 2. Once you are finished entering your personal info, you may start to use NSD Swim. (*NSD does not store, forward or share your personal info.)

training log
Figure 1
training log
Figure 2

Day Log Mode:

Tap the 'Day Log' tab located on the left.

Tap the 'Swimming Style' icon to find style options: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, or Butterfly as shown in Figure 3.

Breaststroke trianing log
Figure 3

Start to swim

The App will display your real-time performance according to your swim pulling force and patterns detected by  NSD Swim.


Calories chart shown in Figure 4 below indicates how much calories burned in the last 7 days.

Training log example
Figure 4

Training Mode:

Tap the second tab to enter 'Training' mode as shown in Figure 5.


Set up swimming style and training distance.

Go to Settings/Training to turn on Verbal Reminder or/and Sound Effects. Check the volume on your smart phone to play verbal reminders (This function works better when you wear a pair of Bluetooth swimming earbuds or link your phone to a speaker).

If you would like to shoot video, tap the camera icon next to the NSD Swim battery icon, mount your phone on a tripod and position it to target your swimming location. (Go to Setting/Video Recording to check memory capacity before  using this function).

Based on the swim pulling force, the App will display and update all matrix regarding your performance.

Track your swim speed
Figure 5

In Training mode, when you are finished training, the green bar on the screen will move forward to the right end of the screen.

When NSD Swim is in use, the App interface will turn dark and will not be able to be operated until you are finished training or stop swimming for 10 seconds.

To restart the training, swim for 10 seconds, and the App will automatically start over a new training session.


All activities in Training mode will be accumulated in Day Log.


Challenge Mode:

Tap 'Challenge' tab to enter into Challenge mode.


Set up swimming style and training distance.


Turn on the volume on your smart phone to receive a verbal reminder.


Now the interface will split into two sections, blue and green, as shown in Figure 6. The blue section will display historical best performance and the green section will display current performance.

Track your swim progress
Figure 6

Once you start to swim, under 'Historical best performance VS. Current performance' you will see a blue bar with oscillograph underneath it as shown in Figure 7 below. If current performance is better than historical record, your progress will highlight in yellow. The wider green bar with oscillograph shows the development of the historical record.

Track your swim progress
Figure 7
Track your swimming improvements

If current performance is less than historical record, then your progress will be highlighted in red as shown in Figure 8 below.

track your swimming progress over time
Figure 8
track your swim record

Analysis Mode:

Tap "Analysis" tab to enter Analysis mode.


You will find detailed statistics under 'History'.


If there is more than one record stored, you may select records to compare and analyze the details as shown in  Figure 9.

Look at your swim statistics
Figure 9
Freestyle training log
Figure 10

You may playback and review your every single move as shown in Figures 10 and 11 if you turn on the camera in Training Mode.

Figure 11


To achieve better training results like a pro with NSD Swim, it is recommended to input your Height, Gender, and Weight for improved calibration accuracy.

Figure 12
Figure 13

Open Setting > go to Calibration as shown in Figure 12.


Tap Let’s Calibrate!


Input your gender, height and weight as shown in Figure 13 and then tap Next.


Select swimming style to calibrate by tapping the 'swimming style' icon.

Figure 14
Figure 15

There are two ways to calibrate, 'Quick' and 'Precise' as shown in Figure 14.



No need to swim physically. By selecting 'Quick' calibration, NSD Swimmer will predict users performance based on the module sampling hundreds of professional swimmers. However, minor inaccuracy may still remain. If user has already input correct Gender, Height and Weight, NSD suggests you take ‘Precise' calibration further (The personal info you input here will recover/update what you input in Setting > My Info).



Precise calibration needs to sample the time you spend on swimming in 25 meters. Please gear up first. Once you are ready, press Begin Calibration! and swim as shown in Figure 15.

Figure 16

On this screen as shown in Figure 16, you will see the swimming style you selected for calibration (You are not able to change the swimming style until next calibration). The Reset button on the top right is used for resampling when the calibration is interrupted by disconnection. You may tap Cancel Calibration to switch the screen back to Training Mode.


When you are finished with your swim for sampling, please wait 30 seconds to finish calibration.

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